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Estimated Price ranges

Prices listed are to give you an estimate of what a particular procedure may cost. Dr. Reavie can help you determine which procedure would be best to acheive your desired goal. Consultations are complimentary!

All prices are "global fees" that include all appointments as well as Operating Room and Anesthesia fees and start as low as:

FACELIFT                                              $5400 to $7500

BROWLIFT                                            $2750

EYELID LIFT                                          $2750 (upper or lower)--$4950 (upper and lower)

RHINOPLASTY                                       $4500--$6500

BREAST AUGMENTATION (SALINE)        $6050  (soft silicone gel $950 additional, "gummy" cohesive gel $1750)

BREAST LIFT                                         $2000 (crescent)--$7050 (full Wise pattern)

ABDOMINOPLASTY (with liposuction)     $7850

LIPOSUCTION BODY                              $4500 for 1st area, $1650 for each additional area


LIPOSUCTION UNDER CHIN                   $2400

CHEMICAL PEELS                                  $990

BOTOX                                                  $275/SITE  ($10 per unit)

JUVEDERM XC ULTRA   w/anesthesia     $800  (1cc syringe) (2nd syringe $450)

VOLUMA  w/anesthesia                         $900 (1cc syringe)  (2nd syringe $500)