"The surgery accomplished exactly what I had hoped. Dr. Reavie described what he was going to do and how it would be accomplished. He did exactly what he said. My friends and family are amazed at the transition in my appearance. My spouse is as ecstatic about my  new look as I am." RM (Lipo)

"I feel really good about my appearance. I'm real glad that I got the surgery done! Dr. Reavie does a good job. Wow they look great! " RA (Breast Aug)

"I feel wonderful. Everything I had done was great! People think my power walking is really paying off. I have more self esteem and I now wear a two piece bathing suit"  LS (Lipo)

"People who know me say I look rested and happy. Others say I look to be 10+ years younger than my actual age.  It is gratifying to know I have some control in the way I look and I'm not viewed as an elderly person, but more as the vital person I feel I am."  RA (Facelift)

"I thought Dr. Reavie was one of the best doctors I have ever met in his style, professionalism and patience-and honesty! He answered all my questions."  JM

"I have new self esteem! I feel a lot younger and prettier. It has done everything plus more that I was hoping for" I totally trust Dr. Reavie and his staff. They've been 100% honest and open with me. It's nice to feel good about your doctor."  NW (Breast lift/Tummy tuck)

"I think I look a lot younger and I feel better! Everyone says I look more refreshed and rested. Trust Reavie. He is Great!"  CW (Facelift)

"I love them! I love my chest now. Dr. Reavie is a wonderful doctor with a great staff."  CJ ( Breast Aug) 

"I can't believe it is me! Everyone says I look great. I feel much better about myself. Be sure to see Dr. Reavie" SB (Tummy tuck)

"Most people just think I look real good for my age and don't think it may be a facelift that has me looking so good. Those who know, say it was a great job. Very natural looking. They say I look 10 years younger and can't believe my age. The benefits outweigh the cost issues. Trust Dr. Reavie-he's great!" LB (Facelift)

"Everyday I am still amazed when friends tell me how great I look. The renewed self confidence has even allowed me to join in new situations. I am constantly telling others about Dr. Reavie and his whole staff."  CS (Lipo)

"I feel better about my appearance. People think I've lost a lot of weight. I would recommend Dr. Reavie. I'm not sure about the other doctors. Be careful!"  CM (Lipo)

"I would be happy to talk with any of your prospective patients re:facelift. You were all excellent and I would recommend you highly. Thank you!!"  EW (Facelft)



Let me start by saying that Dr. Reavie is an absolute God-send! He came referred to me by a good friend who always looked amazing and I asked her how she did it, and she gave all the credit to Dr. Reavie. Fast forward 3 years later and lack luster results at the gym, a tummy tuck was the only way to go for me to gain back my self- esteem. And that I did!

I traveled 98 miles each way for my appointments from consultation to pre-op, to surgery, to follow up exams and I have to say- I am ecstatic with the results of my surgery!!!

I trusted my body to the genius and capable hands of Dr. Reavie and staff and I have never been happier with my body. When I look in the mirror at my abdomen, I am no longer depressed. Even old clothes- that now need altering, look fabulous! And styles that I would have never considered buying look stunning! Friends who haven't seen me in a while don't know what I've done, but their eyes say "Wow!"
They say, “Wow!”
I just want to add that I am in the fashion business and the incision for my tummy tuck was IMPECCABLE!!! The incisions where Dr. Reavie performed the desired liposuction are virtually invisible. And my recovery was super-quick. Dr. Reavie is like a master tailor or couturier for the body. I HIGHLY recommend him!!!
SW (Suction Tummy Tuck)

I am so excited with my new refreshed look and find myself smiling in the mirror! It looks sooo natural, I no longer look tired and my jawline and neck looks great. Dr. Reavie you came highly recommended by several top dermatologists. I consulted with four other surgeons including some famous ones in La Jolla I couldn't afford. You were the only one who carefully and patiently explained what you could do, didn't try to overly push other procedures and had an amazing price. Your personal follow up care and staff customer service are also outstanding. BS (lower face and neck lift)